Space SDK

Open Web Tools in Browser, or Mobile.

Make your web or native app leverage the power of Web3 by plugging in the Space SDK, an open source library that makes distributed, and user-controlled storage available browser and mobile, user-owned accounts, and more Open Web enabled features.

Power Your Browser and Mobile
Apps with Space

Plug your Jamstack sites, native applications, Dapps or any compatible web experience to a ready-to-use and modular JS library that enables all the benefits of the Open Web on browser and mobile. Store on distributed storage, provide user-controlled accounts, and create P2P, and privacy-focused experiences in Space.

Distribute User & App Storage on Space

Not only browser apps and Dapps can easily store and serve their data from IPFS/Textile with Space, but they can also give users ownership over their data by storing it in user-specific and controlled Buckets that only they can access, decrypt, and share.

A Base Layer For Your App.
Plus a Ready-to-go Infrastructure.

The Space SDK includes every module you need to create a open web base layer for your web/mobile experience: storage, user identity management, key storage and recovery, etc. Use them as is, or connect your own protocols, and leverage the Space remote infrastructure to go live without worrying about setting up nodes or interacting with each protocol’s interface.

User module

Storage module

Highly customizable

Open Source

The Space SDK, as well as our desktop library the Space Daemon, are both open source endeavors. Everyone’s welcome to help build new features, present ideas, or explore new integrations for them!

Different Needs, the Same Open Web Stack

The Space SDK leverages similar Open Web protocols (IPFS, Textile, Filecoin, Ethereum, GunDB, Torus) to the Space Daemon but makes them and their features directly accessible to browser and mobile platform, without the need of running local nodes or interacting with a hosted version of the Daemon.

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